About Us

Introducing company:
This company with 20 years of experience is equipped with hi-tech machines and specialized manpower has been converted to the greatest producer of raw materials of hoses, used in agriculture and water supply system, high purity of produced materials, correspond to international standards.
Arvin Faraz Azadi Company is proud of exporting its products to Middle Asia (CIS) and has been managed to be one of the greatest exporters of this of materials.
In order to enhance ability of technology and production, this company by its experts and technical staff efforts has managed to produce high quality elemental materials of Polyethylene tubes, with various applications in the field of industry, urban and agriculture.

Landscape :

By using benefits of last innovations of global compound, Arvin Faraz Azadi is resolved to be the greatest producer of compounds of PIP (PE 100 - PE 80) by the year 2020.
Nowadays, we are proud of stepping in the way of accessing to greatest goals of customer`s satisfaction and reducing expenses of production with seeking help of God and following “enhancing quality” motto.